How to improve the chances of success with your freelancers

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How to improve the chances of success with your freelancers

1. Be clear about expectations when hiring remote talent

Including the scope of each project or role and ask them to provide transparency into the time they anticipate needed to complete the task.

Provide a budget range as it is helpful in attracting the top talent, as many freelancers will appreciate knowing it matches their needs upfront.

2. Establish an interview process for hiring remote talent, take the time to do it, and don’t deviate

Review submitted samples, portfolios, have the freelancer take a skill test, and allowing them to virtually meet current team members to see how well they mesh.

Request sample work, so you have proof of similar jobs they have completed in the past.

Be upfront about your time expectations and deadlines, and ask your potential new collaborator to be realistic about what they can accomplish.

3. Practice strong communication when hiring remote talent, and establish communication etiquette preferences

Taking the time to enhance your relationship with independent talent will give them a stronger grasp of your brand and ensure freelance success. ‍

Have a designated check-in time set forth at the beginning of the project to help tasks stay on track.

4. Give Honest and Constructive feedback

Many businesses find that a few edits may be required to bring the final product in line with their vision. The main focus should be to provide feedback that offers a solid understanding of your expectations.

Offer examples of work completed along similar lines in the past in order for them to understand your desired results.

Articulate brand guidelines to help them get a better understanding of how your brand sets you apart from your competitors.

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